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What are the quality assurance services?

Sealy Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Sealy China”) will provide the ten-year conditional warranty services for your Sealy mattress and underlying pad due to defective workmanship or material defect according to the provisions in the warranty card.

1. Within ten years after purchase of mattress or underlying pad

In accordance with the provisions listed in the warranty card, Sealy China has the right to decide whether to repair or replace the mattress or underlying pad for free with any problem because of production error.

2. The mattress or underlying pad beyond the ten-year warranty period

Sealy China has the right to decide whether to repair or replace the defective products and charge the relevant fees. The charging standard shall be 10% of the latest official retail guide price for the goods of the same grade for replacement multiplied by the number of years sold for relevant goods, with the maximum charge equivalent to 70% of the latest official retail guide price.

3. Transportation expense

In case of any quality problem (not due to the consumer reason) of the products as stipulated by law within the warranty period, Sealy shall bear the freight for replacement, repair or sales return.

4. The same material

If the same material is not available, Sealy China has the right to select the material of the same quality for substitution.

5. How to obtain quality assurance services

Please contact Sealy China and show your warranty card and the original invoice issued by the retailer for the product you have purchased.

Quality assurance services shall not include the following scope:

1. Bed cloth (including any stain or burn mark)

2. Damage due to improper use and/or treatment

3. The handle is only for positioning or moving after placement of the mattress, unable to bear the weight of mattress

4. Border bending because of moving or folding mattress

5. Bedding sold as defective goods

6. Personal preference for softness or hardness of mattress

7. Mattress damage due to use of improper bedstead

How to maintain Sealy mattress

1. Never fold your mattress; otherwise the border will be damaged.

2. Standing or jumping on the mattress is not advisable, which may damage the spring structure and mattress performance.

3. Please use the mattress protector to ensure cleanness of mattress.

4. Please select the suitable bedstead. The use of bedstead lack of support will make your mattress saggy. The use of Sealy mattress and Sealy underlying pad will provide the proper support for you and make the mattress more durable.

5. The chemical materials for dry cleaning may cause damage to the material of mattress.

6. It is very important to exchange the two ends of mattress on a regular basis. The mattress is designed to provide the close-fitting support and it is quite normal to find slight compression on the top of mattress. The regular position change of mattress can enable the even distribution of body pressure on the different parts of mattress, making the mattress more durable. Please refer to “How to exchange the two ends of mattress” for regular position change of mattress.

How to exchange the two ends of mattress

Exchange the two ends of mattress to bring the best sleeping experience to you and extend the service life of the product.

It is advisable to exchange the two ends of the mattress in use every two weeks in the first three months and then every two to three months after the first three months.

Exchange method:

1. Hold the diagonal of mattress tightly and turn the mattress 180 degrees around in clockwise direction, in alignment with the bottom shelf;

2. You have completed the exchange of two ends for the mattress.

Warning: Never try to turn the mattress around on your own, or else your body may be hurt or the mattress can be damaged.


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